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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Face to Face Conversations

We have experience working with people who are feeling lost or may be suffering from anxiety and depression. If you feel like you need something to change we want to hear from you. We offer face to face wellbeing sessions in the heart of Glasgow. To book a face to face session click on the image above.

Image by Dylan Ferreira

Online Conversations

No matter where you are in the globe, if you want to chat with us we want to chat with you. One silver lining of the pandemic has been increased online connectivity across the world. Book an online session with us over Zoom clicking the image above.

Image by Rolandas S


We currently work on a number of research projects with universities from around the world through the Skillset Senior College Research Institute (SSCRI). We can assist in writing grant proposals, navigating the ethics process and help with experimental design, statistical analysis and manuscript write-up. Find out more by clicking on the image above.

Image by Miguel Henriques

School Visits

Our staff have experience working with 50+ schools across Scotland. We offer year group speaking events where students learn about their own evolution, brains and how they fit into the story of our world. Took book a school visit, click on the image above.

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