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We are delighted to introduce the Kindness Activity Pack, a carefully curated collection of activities designed to inspire and promote acts of kindness in your child’s daily life. Inside this pack, you will find:


Kindness Paper Chain: A fun and interactive way for children to document their kind deeds, creating a visual reminder of their positive actions.


Kindness Bingo Card: An engaging game that encourages children to complete various acts of kindness, fostering a habit of thoughtful behaviour.


Kindness Postcards: Writing a postcard to someone you love encourages children to express their appreciation and affection, strengthening relationships and fostering a sense of connection. Activities that express appreciation and kindness, such as writing letters, can enhance children's prosocial behavior and emotional well-being.


Kindness Coupons: These are special vouchers that children can give out, offering kind gestures and acts of service to others.


Kindness Weekly Wall Tracker: A visual tool to help track and celebrate daily acts of kindness over the week, reinforcing positive behaviour.


Kindness Journal: A space for children to reflect on their kind actions, feelings, and the impact of their kindness on others, promoting mindfulness and personal growth.


This pack is designed to make kindness fun and engaging, helping children to develop essential social and emotional skills. We hope these activities will bring joy and meaningful experiences to your child’s everyday life.

Kindness Activity Pack

SKU: 364215376135191
  • A downloadable PDF of activites for families.

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