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Who We Are

Inspiring Minds is a Scottish-based mental health service created to help those that need to chat. We focus on evolutionary biology, the development of human behaviour and importantly how our brains change over time. We are involved in active research in this field working with individuals across the globe.


What We Do

Every human being is born with the most complex thing ever discovered in our universe. Our brains. Your brain is an amazing thing, it allows you to understand language, interpret the symbols on this page as meaningful words and turns waves into electrochemical signals that we hear as distinct sounds or see as images. Pretty amazing right? But what happens when your brain starts working against you? Your brain might feel like it's stuck on a seemingly never ending cycle producing dark thoughts and emotions. Causing us to dread our future or feel sad about our past. Left unchecked you may feel constant anxiety or depression and feel like it will never end. Please know that this is NOT a permanent state of mind. You are not broken and you will not feel like this forever. At Inspiring Minds we discuss how you are feeling and put that into the context of our entire universe, our entire planet and our entire species. Importantly we discuss the evolution of you and where you fit in to this amazing, unfolding story. We want to give you a little bit of mental breathing space to regain some control of that amazing brain of yours and get you excited about your future.

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